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Welcome to the NukWik site for learning aids in Nuclear Chemistry. Everybody is welcome to use this wiki, but it's primarily aimed at Nuclear Chemistry teaching at Universities.

This Wiki is open access, but if you want to contribute you must register as a user (it's free and we will not distribute your e-mail address to others). We strongly urge you to contribut
Teaching Radiochemistry in Europe Jan2011.jpg
e, in particular if you are using material from NukWik in your own teaching - the more material you contribute, the more useful and better NukWik will be, and then we can all give better lectures and enhance the quality of our teaching!

NukWik was created as part of the CINCH EU-project for evaluating and planing radiochemistry teaching in Europe. Please refer to the CINCH web-pages at:

How should I use NukWik?

NukWik provide teaching tools and ideas for radiochemistry teaching. Everything from simple drawings, diagrams or pictures of basic principles and typical equipment to more fancy stuff (we hope!) like animations and videosnippets.