NukWik and E-learning Platforms

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NukWik is not an E-learning platform. An E-learning platform is generally a student and teaching material management tool. Typical examples is Fronter (used at many Norwegian universities) or Moodle (an stand-alone, open access E-learning Platform). E-learning platforms will often provide tools to keep track of student participation and progress, it can provide evaluation and even examination tools, it will take receive student hand-ins, etc.

The choice of which E-learning platforms to use is often done at a higher level than the individual teachers. Frequenly it is a campus wide decission which everybody must adder to. Thus, it is not so easy to share courses or course material built on certain platform between institutions.

One of the ideas behind NukWik is to make it easier to share teaching material, also for use at different E-learning platforms. On NukWik, it is possible to describe how to implement and provide material for teaching a certain topic. The teacher setting up an E-learning platform can then use the instructions and material to construct an exercise or course (or whatever) on her/his platform. As she/he gains experience and perhaps develop additional material, the experience gained and the material can be shared on NukWik (hopefully! Remeber that only by everybodys contribution can we get the best out of NukWik). 

To summarize, NukWik can be used to share, distribute and co-develop traditional and e-learning material. This material can then be used to build courses on E-learning platforms. Subsequently, experience from using the material in actual teaching (with the E-learning platform) can be feed back to NukWik do benefit teachers using other (or equal) E-learning platforms.

For teachers who do not have the resources (or inclination) to use an E-learning platform, NukWik can be used directly to provide material to the students. Or the teachers simply copies the material she/he wants and uses it "the old fasion way". Whatever you do - please provide feed back on NukWik so we can make better tools together!