Optional Topic 2 (for MSc degree)

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Radiopharmaceutical chemistry


(not written)


  • production of radionuclides o in cyclotrons
    • in nuclear reactor o with radionuclide generators
    • radionuclidic purity
    • target chemistry
  • radiopharmaceutical chemistry
    • types of organic molecules and other compounds to be labeled
    • labeling chemistry of 11C
    • labeling chemistry of 18F
    • radioiodinations (123I and 124I)
    • labeling chemistry of metal radionuclides (68Ga, 111In, 64Cu, 99mTc)
    • radiochemical purity
  • quality control and regulatory issues
  • PET and SPECT imaging
    • instrumentation
    • pharmacokinetics and modeling
  • applications in
    • diagnostics (oncology, cardiology, neurology and psychiatry, gene expression and cell trafficking)
    • drug development
    • medical research
    • therapeutics