Univ. Helsinki - Radiation Protection Course with Laboratory Exercises

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This course, developed and thaught at University of Helsinki, teach basic radiation protection skills needed to work in a radiochemical laboratory.

Credit units: 2

Lectures (12 hours):

  • Types of radiation
  • Radiation dose quantities and their units
  • Biological effects of radiation
  • Radiation safety regulations and recommendations
  • Licensing of radionuclide laboratories
  • Estimation of radiation doses
  • Radiation protection practice
  • Radiation dose measurements
  • Storage and management of radioactive waste

Laboratory exercises:

  1. Safe working practise in radionuclide laboratory - preparation of counting samples
  2. Dose measurement and dosimeters

At the end of the course there is an exam.

Passing the course does not give a license to act as a radiation safety officer in radionuclide laboratories. For that, additional more demanding exam needs to be passed.