User Manual - NIM Gate and Delay Generator

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This manual was written as part of a student lab exercise in the KJM-FYS 5920 course at the University of Oslo in the autumn 2010.

Quick links: KJM-FYS 5920 Lab Exercise 4 | KJM-FYS 5920 Course

Main author (student): Alexander

Co-author (student):

Lab supervisor: Hilde-Therese Nyhus (PhD-student)

Responsible teacher: Prof. Jon Petter Omtvedt

User Manual for NIM Gate and Delay Generator


The Gate and Delay Generator is a device that generates variable logic pulses when incoming pulses triggers it. The output pulses can in turn be used as, for example, a gate for linear pulses from a spectroscopy amplifier (SA) entering an ADC/MCA.

A typical G&D generator similar to the one used for the laboratory exercise is displayed to the right.

Instructions for use as gating signal

In order to use the G&D generator as a gate device for linear pulses from a SA, proceed as follows:

  • Connect the output from a single channel analyser to the input on the Gate and Delay (G&D) generator.
  • View the output pulses from the spectroscopy amplifier (SA) and the G&D generator on a suitable oscilloscope.
  • Using the dial for delay on the G&D generator, adjust the logical output pulse so that the duration is equal to (or just a bit larger than) the positive component of the SA pulse.
  • Using the dial (or front-panel screwdriver control) for amplitude on the G&D generator, make the logical pulse larger in amplitude than the SA pulse.
  • Connect the output port on the G&D generator to the ADC Gate port on the MCA.


In the above figure, the pink signal is the final, adjusted output pulse from the G&D generator, and the yellow signal is the linear pulse from the Spectroscopy amplifier. If the logical G&D generator pulse is to be used as a gate, the linear pulse from the SA would need to be delayed so the logical pulse can encompass the linear pulse.