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Copied from a presentation given at a CINCH workgroup meeting on 25th February 2010 given by Jon Petter Omtvedt

Slide 1: E-learning - what is it?

Publishing compendia and exercises on web-pages (WEB 1.0) is not e-learning. It’s simply an effective tool to help do things the old way.
E-learning is using computer tools to encourage the student to actively participate in the learning process, e.g. by discussion forums, blogs, simulations, etc. (WEB 2.0).

E-learning is also packages which present a certain topic (text, graphs, video, animation), with e.g. self-check questions and exercises to help the student to verify that the subject is understood.

New ways of distribution information, like podcasts, are sometimes also regarded as e-learning – but is it really?

Slide 2: Wikis

A database in which all sorts of teaching aids can be included in a systematic way.

Active student participation can be implemented, e.g. by including reports and results from student projects.

Two way communication with students (WEB 2.0) can be included – if wanted. I.e. can be used as a tool to create E-learning.