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This page provides information related to the NHM DNA Bank:

- Advice for field colllecting etc. of samples, associated data, geographical coordinate formats, labelling of samples etc.
- How to register samples in the NHM DNA Bank
- Corema manual
- Import template files

For further info about the DNA Bank, see the DNA Bank web pages.

Collection and registration of samples for the NHM DNA Bank

Registration of tissue and DNA samples; instructions and advice related to collection, deposition and use of samples to/in the DNA Bank.

Advice for field collection of DNA samples, associated data, geographical coordinate formats, labelling of samples etc.


Corema is the database used for the NHMO DNA bank, as well as for the complete NHMO bird collection.

  • For access to Corema, please contact the DNA Bank manager
  • Corema can be installed from the UiO Software Center
    • New updates of the software will normally be installed automatically, but if that for some reason should not happen and you therefore cannot access Corema as normal, try to update manually from the Software Center
  • It is also possible to run Corema through the UiO Program kiosk
  • To get started using Corema, a brief introduction is provided: Corema manual.pdf

Import templates for Corema

Below are import template files for the various Corema collections, and best practice manuals for some of the collections.
Download the relevant file, fill in your data and send the file to the DNA Bank manager.

Import files for new samples:

Botanical samples (Updated 17.01.2022)

Zoological samples (Updated 17.06.2022)

Other import files (for existing accessions):

DNA extracts (Updated 18.03.2022)

Revisions (Updated 27.01.2016)

Best practice manuals:
Import of sample data to Corema - Avian samples.pdf

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