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When collecting material for NHM's collections, all required permits and other documentation shall be acquired before the collecting activities commence, as specified in the NHM Travel Approval Form. The only exception is for the phytosanitary certificate related to import of living plants, as this will not be issued until the plants have been checked at the Norwegian border. The phytosanitary certificate should then be added to the remaining documentation as soon as it has been issued.

Examples of such documentation include, but are not limited to, collecting permits, export permits, import permits, other ABS-related documentation, phytosanitary or veterinary certificates, or agreements with other institutions (e.g., where other institutions are responsible for obtaining permits, etc.).

It is the responsibility of the individual researcher or collector that all such documentation is deposited in the NHM registry.

It is no longer sufficient that such documentation is stored with the individual researcher or collector!

To deposit documentation for a field trip, collecting event, project or similar in the NHM registry, gather all relevant permits etc. and send these via email to

Originals of contracts with original signatures should also be sent by internal mail to David Ulleland/Arkivet - Tøyen Hovedgård.

If parts of the documentation should be kept confidential, be sure to include information about this in the email.

After registration, the record manager will return the unique file number of the documents.

The documentation should also be linked to every one of the collected objects, typically through a link in the collection database. It is therefore important that the registry file number be added to other metadata of the collected objects before these are registered in the relevant collection database!

If parts of the documentation covers only parts of the collected material (e.g. collecting permits from several regions covering different subsets of objects), it should be clearly indicated which permits etc. should be associated with which objects. For this purpose, state which journal post number(s) (identifying single documents within a registry file number) should be connected to which objects.

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