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== High Throughput Sequencing technologies and bioinformatics analysis ==
== High Throughput Sequencing technologies and bioinformatics analysis ==
This is the wiki for the courses [http://www.uio.no/studier/emner/matnat/ifi/INF-BIO9121 INF-BIO9121] and [http://www.uio.no/studier/emner/matnat/ifi/INF-BIO5121 INF-BIO5121] offered by the Department of Informatics and the Department of Biosciences at the University of Oslo (UiO). The course codes were previously INF-BIO9120 and INF-BIO5120.
The wiki for the courses [http://www.uio.no/studier/emner/matnat/ifi/INF-BIO9121 INF-BIO9121] and [http://www.uio.no/studier/emner/matnat/ifi/INF-BIO5121 INF-BIO5121] is now located [[INF-BIOX121|here]].
The course consists of two weeks of lectures and practicals, and a final take-home exam (one week), plus reading material.
Both INF-BIO5121 (M.Sc. level) and INF-BIO9121 (Ph.D. level) are 10 study point courses (5 study points before 2014).
=== Course editions  ===
*[[INF-BIOX121 H14|INF-BIO9121 and INF-BIO5121 Fall 2014]]  
*[[INF-BIOX120 H13|INF-BIO9120 and INF-BIO5120 Fall 2013]]
*INF-BIO9120 and INF-BIO5120 Fall 2012 did not have its own website
=== Course description  ===
This two week, intensive course will provide knowledge of high throughput sequencing technologies and hands-on experience with the analysis of data from various sequencing platforms and applications. Control of quantity and quality of data, analysis of small RNA-seq and mRNA-seq, ''de novo'' genome assembly, and variant calling.
All students should have a basic understanding of molecular biology, at least roughly corresponding to 5-10 university study points in molecular biology, biochemistry, or similar. ''If you are uncertain if your biology background is strong enough, please contact Lex or Karin (see contact details below) at least three weeks before the start of the course.''
No prior background in bioinformatics or computer science is required, however, we expect students to have a basic understanding of the unix shell. Students without this knowledge are suggested to take an introductory unix course, which we may offer in advance, check the course's website.
=== Contact information  ===
Lex Nederbragt (Course coordinator) - e-mail: lex.nederbragt - at - ibv.uio.no
Karin Lagesen (Course co-coordinator) - e-mail: karin.lagesen - at - medisin.uio.no
=== Bioinformatics mailing list for the Oslo region  ===
The mailing list for computational biology and bioinformatics in the Oslo region is cbo-all@usit.uio.no. The list has approximately 330 members. The list is used to distribute news about seminars, positions, courses, meetings and other topics that might be of interest to students and researchers with an interest in computational life science in south-eastern Norway. If you want to receive e-mails that are sent to the list, sign up here
[https://sympa.uio.no/usit.uio.no/info/cbo-all https://sympa.uio.no/usit.uio.no/info/cbo-all]  
by following the link termed "Subscribe".

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High Throughput Sequencing technologies and bioinformatics analysis

The wiki for the courses INF-BIO9121 and INF-BIO5121 is now located here.