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== Statistical genomics ==
== Statistical genomics ==
[[Media:HTS_2014_MS_data.txt|MS data]]
[[Media:HTS 2014 Statistical genomics part 1.pdf|Statistical genomics part 1]]
[[Media:HTS 2014 Statistical genomics part 2.pdf|Statistical genomics part 2]]
[[Media:HTS 2014 Data upload and track types.pdf|Data upload and track types]]
[[Media:HTS 2014 Elixir.no and NeLS.pdf|Elixir.no and NeLS]]
[[Media:HTS 2014 MS data.txt|MS data]]

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File formats

File formats presentation

File formats exercises

Quality control

Read QC practical

Fastqc manual: http://www.bioinformatics.babraham.ac.uk/projects/fastqc/Help/

Some more information on 'duplication levels': https://www.biostars.org/p/107402/


microRNA theory

Intro Galaxy Lifeportal

miRNA analysis Lifeportal


microRNA analysis

miRNA analysis Command Line

De novo assembly

See this github repository.

Also, have a look at this presentation on different aspects of assembly we didn't manage to go through.

How to become an efficient bioinformatician

Lex Nederbragt: Thoughts on reproducibility

Karin Lagesen: Working with data

Jon Lærdahl: Oslo Bioinformatics Core Facility & Elixir Noway

Jon Lærdahl: Bioinformatics resources on the web

Martin Malmstrøm: If I can, YOU can! - From seal cuddling to hardcore bioinformatics

Rolf Skotheim: Selected bioinformatics approaches to identify RNA changes in cancer


RNAseq introduction

RNAseq applications


ChIP-seq slides

ChIP-seq practical

Variant calling

Variant Calling Part 1

Variant Calling Part 2

Statistical genomics

Statistical genomics part 1

Statistical genomics part 2

Data upload and track types

Elixir.no and NeLS

MS data