MBV-INFX410 2016

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Bioinformatics for Molecular Biology - 2016


All students must be present at the start of the course, at 09:00, on November 14. Missing students will not be allowed to follow the course or to take the exam. If you for some reason are not able to attend, please contact Jon Bråte (See contact details below).

This is the wiki for the courses MBV-INF4410 and MBV-INF9410 offered by the Department of Biosciences and Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo (UiO). Both MBV-INF4410 (M.Sc. level) and MBV-INF9410 (Ph.D. level) are 10 study point courses. The 8 study points variant of the course (MBV-INF9410A) will not be given after 2013.

The course consists of five weeks of lectures, exercises, obligatory assignments, and a take-home exam (one week). Obligatory assignments must be completed and approved before the exam and in the same semester. An additional, limited, oral examination may be arranged in cases where this is necessary for the student evaluation. The course is open also for non-UiO students. It is only necessary to be physically present in Oslo for certain parts of the course.


Jon Bråte (Course coordinator) - e-mail: jon.brate@ibv.uio.no, phone: +47 922 44 582

Torill Rørtveit (Course administrator, registration) - e-mail: torill.rortveit@ibv.uio.no