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Template:Tl is how you insert colorized text, such as Deleted..., Deleted..., Deleted..., Deleted... and Deleted..., and many others. You can specify its Deleted... color at the same time.

Template:Tl is also how you can color wikilinks to something other than blue for when you need to work within background colors. Normally [[ wikilink ]]wikilink, but here we use a Template:Tl with Template:Para to create a black wikilink → Deleted... You can make any text link to any page using the Template:Para parameter.

This template will use the latest Wikipedia:HTML5 recommendations, inserting the span tags Template:Tag and Template:Tag for you, so your page increases its readability and usability in both the wikitext and the rendered page.


Template:Tlf has a one-color and a two-color form:

{{font color | color | text }}
{{font color | text color | background color | text }}.

Either form has a |link= option, for colorizing (otherwise blue or red) wikilink text.


You can also name the other fields.

{{font color | fg=color | text=text }}
{{font color | fg=text color | bg=background color | text=text }}

You can name |fg= or |bg=, which is nice, but... if you name either of them, you must also name |text=, which is a compromise. (See Help:Template#Parameters for why.)

Spacing is of no concern.

.{{font color|tan|green|text with four words}}..Deleted....
. {{font color|tan|green|text with four words}} .. Deleted... .
. {{ font color | tan | green | text with four words }} .. Deleted... .


Template:Aligned table


Template:Aligned table


Markup Renders as
{{ font color | green | green text }} Deleted...
{{ font color | blue | do not style text as a link }} Deleted...
{{ font color | white | black | white with black background }} Deleted...
{{ font colorTemplate:Bigyellow | default text in yellow background }} Deleted...
{{ font colorTemplate:Bigbg=yellow | text = default text in yellow background }} Deleted...
Markup Renders as
{{ font color | white | blue | Wikipedia:Example | link = yes }}</code> Deleted...
{{ font color | white | blue | Wikipedia:Example | link = Wikipedia:Sandbox }} Deleted...
{{ font color | text = Wikipedia:Example | link = Wikipedia:Sandbox | bg = blue | fg = white }} Deleted...

The Template:Para parameter is a good way to colorize wikilinks, and it is about as much typing as the pipe trick.

Although a wikilink accepts a font color (or other template or markup):

Template:BigWikipedia:ExampleTemplate:Big{{font color|white|blue|the Wikipedia:Example page}}Template:Big
Deleted... (a font-colored link),

a font color does not accept a wikilink, it creates wikilinks itself with Template:Para.

  • Template:OK {{ font color | green | violet | Wikipedia:Example | link=yes }} → Deleted... (a Template:Para Template:Tl)
  • Template:Cross{{ font color | green | violet | the [[Wikipedia:Example]] page}} → Deleted... (Text with [[wikilink brackets]] overrides the designated color)
  • Template:Cross{{ font color | green | violet | [[Wikipedia:Exammple]] }} → Deleted... (Text with [[wikilink brackets]] overrides the designated color)

For actual mainspace template usage, here are search links for

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