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The present video lab is an eInfrastructure for the processing and analysing of digital video data, and which includs   

  • Datacollection solutions
  • Recording equipment (video, audio)
  • Data logging of physical enviroment (temperature, CO2, O2, noise level etc)
  • Large scale storage solutions with secure handling of data
  • Specialized lab for video analyzes
  • High quality software tools for analyzing video, audio and physical enviroment parameters (Interact, Studycode,ObserverXT, Videograph, Nvivo, Hyperresearch, Transana)  
  • Archive solution for multimedia data from teaching and learning  situations
  • Representations of real world classroom learning scenarios

The TeachingLearningVideolab Oslo makes it possible for a high number of researchers to use and work on video data for a number of purposes relevant for the learning sciences (e.g. education and teacher education, subject didactics, psychology, supervision and coaching, therapy etc.) .