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NCMM has access two two computer networks:

  • A public network, connected to UiO and the general public
  • A private network, used internally by NCMM, inaccessible from UiO

The reason for this arrangement is that NCNMM has computers attached to laboratory equipment. Due to support contracts and software restrictions from the equipment vendors, these computers do not get regular updates, hence they are vunerable to computer viruses that may disrupt the functionality of the equipment.

For that specific reason, NCMM IT has "hid" the laboratory computers behind this private network and has restricted the internet usage and access available on those computers. If you need those computers to have access to the internet, please file a ticket request with NCMM IT

UiO / public network

Use: by all UiO employees and students.

General usage, can run any kind of legally aquired software, provided the Operating System and the hardware is supported by UiO. UiO currently uses Windows 7 as the minimum version of Windows Operating Systems, so XP and Vista is not allowed. If you have XP, please consider upgrading.

Talk to the NCMM IT to get a static allocation, if you need one.

Internal / Private network

Use: by NCMM employees and students.

If you have a non-Dell laptop or desktop, or you are running an operating system that UiO does not seem appropriate, NCMM IT can help you install and configure your computer equipment.

The only requiremement is that we do not support any version of Windows XP or earlier.

Please send a Ticket Request with the MAC address(es) of your computer equipment. If you don't know what a MAC address is, get in contact with us.