Tips for adding a page

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  • Log in using your UiO username and password
  • if you have never logged in, ask for editing rights through our mailing list
  • Go to the home page
  • Click 'Edit'  to the right of the relevant section
  • Write the title (subject) of your new page
  • Click the icon for 'Insert/Edit link'
  • Choose an approriate name for the URL of the new page (NO spaces, please)
  • Don't worry that the page doesn't exist yet, we'll soon create it
  • Click OK
  • Click 'Save page' at the bottom of the page

Now the front page has a link - in red - to your new page. Click to link to start creating the page. Once your done, the front page will show the link in the correct color.

Feel free to edit this (or any) page if you find errors/have additions!