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These twiki pages are created in order to quickly find solutions for technical problems encountered during Z and JPsi Masterclasses 2001.

If results are not uploaded to google-docs from institutes

What can moderators do

  • Moderators can still address the institute. Ask if they got a result. Ask what mass they measured. Ask if they encountered difficulties. Ask how difficult it was to identify electrons, muons.

What can institutes do

  • Institutes could in emergency just use evo-shared-desktop to broadcast their histogram

Excel spreadsheets master_sheet (combination of results)

I get a "Security Warning"

  • When opening the “master_sheet” you may get a "Security Warning" tab just above the sheet. If so click "Options" and click "Enable this content".

Some group files are missing

  • If some group files are missing you will get a message which say that "... some links cannot be updated...". Click "Continue".

To update some of the links manually

  • If some of the links need to be updated (or changed) do the following: "Data" tab -> "Edit Links" -> Ctrl-A (select all links) -> Click "Update Values"

Open office spreadsheets

result_sheet.ods histogram does not fill

  • In some versions of openoffice one needs to double-click on the histogram to activate it as an object.

master_sheet.ods spreadsheet does not update

  • If some of the links need to be updated (or changed), or won't update automatically do the following: "Edit"-> "Links" -> Select all -> "Update"

List of moderators email by date

  • 11 March:arobic[], bornheim[]
  • 14 March:rachel.yohay[], sboutle[]
  • 15 March:sboutle[], christian.barth[]
  • 16 March:bornheim[], mario.campanelli[]
  • 18 March:rachel.yohay[], sahal.yacoob[]
  • 22 March:Moritz.guthoff[],christian.barth[]
  • 23 March:bornheim[]
  • 24 March:rachel.yohay[],christian.barth[]