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SURFEX/Crocus has been installed on wessel. To check which version is available:

module avail surfex

To set-up your environment:

module load surfex/lafaysse_fromV8trunk_withmeb

When loading surfex, the following environment variables are defined:

  • SURFEX_HOME: directory where SURFEX has been installed
  • SNOWTOOLS_CEN: snowtools scripts (python 2 scripts)
  • EXESURFEX: path where surfex binary can be found

The serial version (no MPI) Crocus has been compiled with gnu compilers.


module load surfex
mkdir $HOME/surfex_example
cd $HOME/surfex_example
# Copy FORCING input file in your local directory
cp $SURFEX_HOME/../examples/wiki-test/ .
# Run SURFEX/Crocus: specify at least the start date and end date (your file should contain corresponding data)
s2m -b 20100802 -e 20100901 -f -g

To get more information on s2m and options you can use to customize your run, please see

# Plot outputs output/pro/ --point=0 -p SNOWTEMP

T get more information on how to plot, please look at