Some operational FLEXPART ECMWF fields are missing – how to get them!

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NOTE: This page is not yet relevant for UiO and requires updating. Disregard.

Some operational ECMWF fields are missing – what do you do? Where do you get them?

There are three options:

1) Files are in the temporary folder at NILU

The files have been retrieved and sent to NILU but internal IT problems prevented them from being transferred to the right folder so they ended up in the temp folder.

Check if the files are in the temp directory at:


Copy the ones missing over to (nb: log in as user flexpart)

/flex_wrk/WIND_FIELDS/ECMWF/GLOBAL/OPER_fields/2012/07/ (change year,month)

You then need to link these files to the directory


Example of linking (nb: log in as user flexpart)

Go to the "all_fields" dir and say for one field at the time:

 ln -s EN12070600 /flex_wrk/WIND_FIELDS/all_fields_oper_ecmwf/EN12070600

Link for a whole month at the time:

 ln -s /flex_wrk/WIND_FIELDS/ECMWF/GLOBAL/OPER_fields/2012/07/EN* .

NB: You have to be logged in as user flexpart

2) Files were not transferred to NILU

The files were retrieved at ECWMF but not sent over to NILU.

Check if the files are in the temp folder at ECMWF under Sabine’s directory:

els ectmp://sbc/oper_2012_07

Change the year and month to the one you want to check.

If they are there – send them over to NILU by the command ectrans. Example:

ectrans -remote nina@genericSftp -source ectmp://sbc/oper_2012_07/EN12070600

This command cannot be used with wildcards such as *.

NB: make sure you use one of the ECtrans association you have set up for on the ECMWF web service. Here is used nina but you can change it to e.g. flexpart if you have set up that one on your account.

To transfer several files at once use a script containing the following:

(This one transfers all files on the 15th July 2012 (EN1207150*).

NB: You need that extra 0 after 15 to get all files on only the 15th, if you don't have the extra 0 you will get all files from the 10th to the 20th)

for f in `els ectmp:/sbc/oper_2012_07 | grep EN1207150*  | awk '{print $9}'`
echo $f
ectrans -remote nina@genericSftp -source ectmp:/sbc/oper_2012_07/$f

Depending on the ECtrans association you have used the files are transferred to your specified directory set up on the ECMWF web service.

After they end up somewhere at NILU make sure you transfer the files to the directory:

/flex_wrk/WIND_FIELDS/ECMWF/GLOBAL/OPER_fields/2012/07/ (change year,month)

and linked to this directory


3) Files were not retrieved

The files were not retrieved at ECMWF so you would need to retrieve them again following the procedures under the previous sections.