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Weather Research and Forecasting Model

WRF-Hydro has been installed on Abel. To check which version is available:

module avail wrf-hydro

---------------------------------- /cluster/etc/modulefiles -------------------------------------

To set-up your environment:

module load wrf-hydro/

When loading wrf, the following environment variables are defined:

  • WRF_HOME: directory where WRF has been installed; this can be used to check WRF sources
  • WPS_HOME: directory where WPS has been installed. It is unlikely you have to check or change WPS source code but you will find in this directory all the metadata required to run WPS (the GEOGRID.TBL, METGRID.TBL, and Vtable files).
  • WPS_GEOG_PATH: contains theterrestrial static input data. Even if you use your own compiled version of WRF/WPS, it is NOT necessary to download these files again.
  • WRFIO_NCD_LARGE_FILE_SUPPORT: it is set to 1 to allow you to store large netCDF files (more than 2GB).
  • WRF_EXAMPLES: directory where all WRF and WRF-CHEM examples are stored. If you wish to run one of this example see our dedicated section on running tutorials.


WRF-hydro has been compiled with intel compilers and MPI:

Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
  1) use.own                 3) intel/2015.0            5) hdf5/1.8.14_intel       7) cesm/1.2.2              9) jasper/1.900.1        
  2) cmake/3.7.1             4) openmpi.intel/1.8.3     6) netcdf.intel/    8) intel-libs/2013.sp1.3  10) ncl/6.2.0 11) wrf-hydro/