3D printing

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The Aqua Section has a 3D printer ( Ultimaker 2+), where you can parts for your experiemtnal setups and replacement parts.


You can either search the internet for free 3D models to print or make your own. Free models can for example be found at Thingiverse[1].

If you want to make your own custom designs, the best way to start is to use the website Tinkercad[2] and then download the .stl file in the end.

Preparing to print

Once you have your model file (.stl) you should install the software Cura[3] and load your model file. you can choose between different settings and materials. Use PLA plastic if possible. It is non-toxic and gives the best results. Using Cura load the gcode (the instructions for the printer) onto the sd card of the printer and then choose it on the menu of the printer.

If it is the first time that you want to use the printer, please ask Jan Heuschele for a small introduction. If you use the printer a lot please buy new PLA plastic at 3Dnet[4]