4 June 2014

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Digital Rights Management on the Web

Date: 4 June 2014.

Location: Meeting room Awk (room 3118), Ole-Johan Dahls hus (IfI).


14:00h Welcome at IfI

14:15h Invited talk

SPEAKER: Tord Persokrud, Conax

TITLE: Securing TV and Movies on the Web, or, will there be a DRM interface in HTML5?

ABSTRACT: The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) last year published a public draft specification for Encrypted Media Extensions (EME).It has garnered a lot of controversy as many people see it as breaking with the principle that the web should be open. Those in favor of the specification believe that the alternative is that the Web will contain a series of locked apps.

We will give an overview of the technology, the status and discuss possible ways forward.

SPEAKER BIO: Tord Persokrud is a chief security analyst with Conax AS. He has more than 17 years of industrial experience working with security for TV, banking and mobile. He holds a Master's degree in mathematics from UiT (University of Tromsø).

15:00h Discussion