June 2012

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AFSecurity Seminar, title: Designing Viable Identity Management Infrastructures

Date: Wednesday 13 June 2012.

Location: Seminar room Perl (2453), Ole-Johan Dahls hus (IfI).


14:00h Welcome at IfI

14:15h Invited talk

SPEAKER: Jan Zibuschka, Fraunhofer Institute, Stuttgart.

TITLE: Designing Viable Identity Management Infrastructures

ABSTRACT: Within the last few years, several promising security and privacy technologies have become market failures, especially in the PET and identity management space. One possible explanation for this is that human factors and especially economic issues are often neglected by technology developers. Instead, security solutions continue to be designed with formal models in mind, valuing theoretical increases in security guarantees and even pure technical complexity over practical relevance. Building on a literature review, this contribution presents a set of factors influencing the viability of security solutions in the market, and illustrates the concept of viable security. To illustrate that this more pragmatic approach needs not be the end of "hardcore" security and crypto work, the second half of the presentation presents a cost-minimal solution for web sigle sign-on based on the hybridization of password hashing, intercloud key storage and cloud syncing approaches.

SPEAKER BIO: Jan Zibuschka holds a diploma in computer science from Technical University of Darmstadt and has a long track record in applied interdisciplinary research in the identity management field. He participated in several national and international research projects dealing with security and privacy, such as the FP ICT projects PRIME, PrimeLife and FIDIS. His current research interests include the design of market-compliant solutions for privacy-friendly intermediaries in location-based services as well as cost-efficient approaches for web identity management and single sign on. Jan currently is employed as Senior Researcher and Project Lead at Fraunhofer IAO, Stuttgart, where he is work package leader in the national SkIDentity project. Additionally, he is a deliverable leader in the EU-funded SECUR-ED project, and does industry consulting work in the security/privacy space. He disseminates his findings in the European thematic network SSEDIC, which shapes the research agenda for the future European eID. He tries to find some time for identity management related research activities where he can.

15:00h Discussion

15:30h End