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AFSecurity Seminar: RBAC and Financial Risk

Date: 25 November 2010

Location: Knowledge House, Kjeller


12:30h Welcome at Knowledge House

12:40 Talk

TITLE: RBAC and Financial Risk

ABSTRACT: Segregation of Duties (SoD) is a strong preventive control that mitigates risk associated with multiple-user business software (ERP). The control mechanism is based on Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) which grants permissions to individual users through user groups or "roles". This session presents an approach to implementing the SoD-model, as well as limitations due to organizational constraints.

Presentation slides: Media:AFSec201011-Opheim-Avanada.pdf

SPEAKER: Espen Opheim (Avanada)

Bio: Espen Opheim is Siviløkonom BI from 1998. He has experience from the business software industry and from IT audit. Opheim is currently a Security Manager at Avanade Inc, a subsidiary of Accenture.

13:30h Discussion

13:45h End