Artiom Kiouregkian Embedding apps in patient tracker

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  • Torgeir Lebesbye
  • Sindre Nicolaysen Berntsen
  • Kristoffer Lie Braathen
  • Marte Hesvik Frøyen (branch master)



  • A search function, allowing users to search the system for patients based on name and displaying the result on the map.
  • Retrieve patient information and location for all patients using the API, and display a marker for each patient on a map.

Nice to have:

  • Allow users to create filters/views for displaying patients on the map based on sickness/condition.
  • Allow users to select patients on the map, and calculate the shortes route (traveling salesman).

Time schedule/Mile stones

  • 01. nov: Finish wiki-page and make link to repository
  • 15. nov: First prototype of features
  • 30. nov: Finished prototype
  • 08. dec: Deliver prototype



  • An example of some of the functionality is out; search field, different views and almost a map. Check resources for more.

Task responsibility

  • Marte: graph view
  • Torgeir: the same
  • Sindre: map
  • Kristoffer: embedding

Futher planning

  • How you are dividing tasks within the group
  • Screenshots and screen flows
  • Documented learning during project
  • Suggested improvements to APIs etc