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Project Information

Developing a touch-friendly messaging application for DHIS Health application, with offline capabilities

Group members

Bastien de La Selle-Le Her     -

Jean-Charles Leneveu    -

Øystein Dale -

Git repository


  • Fetch and display messages from server
  • Display web connection status
  • Display messages even if off-line. Posibility to write messages and differ sending until web connection is back.
  • Mark messages as read / delete / reply
  • Search funtion in messages
  • Filter messages (unread / followed)
  • Autorefresh of messages


Objectives are as following:

Date Objectives
November 10
  • Retrieve message list from DHIS API
  • Working AngularJS structure
  • Pick a license
  • First draft of touch-friendly interface
  • First draft of current Wiki page
November 22
  • Display message conversation from top to bottom
  • Mark messages as read / unread
  • Filter messages by status (follow-up, unread, all)
  • Search messages
November 27
  • Reply to messages
  • Delete messages, one by one or in bulk
  • Send new messages
December 1
  • Refactor project
December 3
  • Project delivery
December 8
  • Project presentation

Team working

The development is made as a team. We use GitHub "issues" functionality to keep track of the different features being implemented and work repartition

You can see the feature list and progress here

We met several times during the project process to discuss features and decide what would be the next steps in implementing the functionalities.


Main page - Message List

Main page - Message List

Conversation between users

Message Conversation between users

New Message

New message

Reply in Conversation

Reply to a conversation

Project learning and difficulties encountered

Before the project, none of us had worked with AngularJS. It was a nice way to grasp the use of this framework, as well as team coordination while working simultaneously on the project.

We were first facing issues with the paging in the API response, as the fields returned with or without paging were different. This behaviour revealed to be a bug, fixed on the latest version of DHIS. However, few functionalities still have issues. For instance, it is not possible to toggle the follow-up status of the message with the web-API, at least according to the lack of documentation and our own experiences.

Suggested changes and improvements