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  • Jon Nilsson
  • Anders Emil Rønning
  • Erling Fjelstad


A web and mobile application for users to register medical data to a specific location.


  • A user opens the app. If the user is not logged into DHIS, the browser is redirected to a login screen.
  • The user logs in, and is redirected to the app.
  • The user selects the type of form they wish to submit, and fills it in.
  • A location is saved with the form, which is either the user's location or a manually inputted latitude and longitude.
  • A map shows every event registered in the selected category (program, e.g "Disease outbreak" or "Traffic accident") and time period.
  • The markers may be clicked to see additional information about the event.

Screenshots of web app

user not logged in

User logged in start up

Choose program

Inpatient morbidity and mortality selected

Register new

Show on map


Cordova app

Due to struggeling with the log in, the Cordova app lacks of functionally

When starting the app, the user needs to log in.

When successfully logged in, the user sees this view and can see info about him/herself with a map.
This view has a slider, where you can see the programs of the user, if the user has any


Milestone 1: 1st November

Document the project with features and planned architecture.

Milestone 2: 15th November

First version, static HTML

Milestone 3: 30th November

Finished web and mobile apps

Processes and learning

Because not all the group members have the same courses this semester, the tasks and time working on the project are dividing according to other courses, one member may need to work on another course for a while, while the others work on the project, same goes with different exams, but everybody is always kept up to speed via meetings and group chats. We want every member to have a full understanding of the solution, but we have specific task that one person is responsible for. Even if one person does not just work within that specific task we have divided up the main responsibility accordingly:

Anders Emil Rønning: Data binding and working towards the APIs
Jon Nilsson: Design and interface, including the map
Erling Fjelstad: Mobile application

None of the members have prior experience working with JavaScript, so it’s a “learn by doing” principle.
Resources we use to learn:
- Code Academy
- JavaScript: The Good Parts
- Lecture notes
- And other guides and tutorials on the Internet

Because of the lack of experience with JavaScript we have had to go back and refactor the code quite a bit when we have learned more and come up with a better solution for a given problem.

Languages ​​and frameworks

- Html
- CSS (with Bootstrap)
- JavaScript
- JQuery
- KnockoutJS
- Cordova/PhoneGap


Download webapp