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The future is nAAAA! Make Norway great again.


Project B Data Store manager app

Browse and update the values in the DHIS2 Data Store. User friendly presentation and navigation, possibly a way to keep an audit trail of changes and display/visualize statistics regarding the data, e.g. broken down by DHIS2 webapp.

Group Members

  • Akam Neeson
  • Magnus W. Molaug
  • Cory Steven Briggs
  • Eirik Fjellheim Andersen

Time Schedule

Mondays: 12:15-14-00 Tuesday: 10:15-14:00 Friday:14:00-whenever...

Tasks assigned

Akam Neeson- Team Leader

Magnus W. Molaug - Web Master

Cory Briggs - Developer

Eirik Fjellheim Andersen - Graph Crafter

Link to Repository