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Group members

  • Long Hoang Ho
  • Arselan Sultani
  • Christopher Alexander Trotter
  • Kien Vu

Link to the repository can be found here (insert link) (or not?)

Download link to sample web app can be found here (insert link) (or not?)


D Import, matching, visualizing

- Import events or health facilities with coordinates linked to hierarchy using geography

We have decided to do the first option. If time, the second option can also be implementet.


Create wiki-page - Check

Creating git-repository - Check

Creating a local server - Check

Pulling data from server - Check

Learn basic React, Redux and flow - Check

Showing it on screen - Check

Creating UI - Check

Handling memory leak - Check

Implementing flux - Check

Learn routing - Check

Learn testing (enzyme, mocha) - Check

Summary of requirements

- React

- Redux

- Flow


We code everything from the ground. We did not use any other package other than material-ui components from,

Time schedule

28. October - Documenting and completing the wiki-page.

27. November - Finishing and delivering the project.

How we are dividing tasks within the group

- Learning basic react before starting the project.

- Everyone does a little of everything for making sure everyone understand most of everything.

Screenshots and screen flows

  • The first step is to choose a country:

First step.png

  • The second step is to choose:

Second step.png

  • The third step is to select a category:

Third step.png

  • A loading bar while waiting for fetching to be done:

Loading bar.png

  • The fourth step is to select variables:

Fourth step.png

  • After selected one or more variables:

Select variables.png

  • Overview of the selected variables before submit:


Documented learning during project

Suggested improvements to the API