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List of group members

  • Aviral Bhandari ( )
  • Manoj Upadhaya ( )
  • Subhash Neupane (

Summary of requirements

D Import, matching, visualizing

  • Import data (and metadata) from the Demographic and Health Survey external API[1] or from the World Bank API[2]: Mock-up [[3]]
  • Import events or health facilities with coordinates linked to hierarchy using geography

Time schedule

Task Name Start Date End Date
Get acquinted with angular and other required technologies October 16 2016 November 2 2016
Create wiki page and github link October 25 2016 October 28 2016
Design and development October 28 2016 November 26 2016

Task division

Name Contribution
Aviral Bhandari
Manoj Upadhaya
Subhash Neupane

Developement not yet started. So, still figuring out the individual responsibilities.

Screenshots and screen flows

Documented learning during project

Suggested improvements to APIs etc

Link to repository

Download link to sample web app