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Group members

  • Pedro Lima
  • Sercan Leylek
  • Pooja More


Summary of requirements

Web API HTML-view browser

Render pretty, linked HTML representation of the web api data model, starting at api/resources, based on the JSON representations.

API is available on

The presentation is available at


List of technologies

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript (jQuery and AngularJS)

In order to scaffold and build our web app, we'll use the following tools:

  • Yeoman
  • Grunt
  • Bower

Time schedule

2nd of November

Planning & task distribution will be complete.

16th of November

Basic Json view will be functional with basic requirements.

30th of November

Additional features will be implemented.

2nd of December

Testing phase ends.

9th of December

Presentation of the product.


Ninja Turtles Team has been planning to deliver 3 main features with this project. These feature development tasks will be distributed among the team members.

__________________Basic Json View__________________

-- Show json objects in a readable format on the page (as a pretty, linked HTML representation)
-- We can use HTML5 editable text feature to be able to edit/save the json files
-- There might be an automated save option
-- When you hover over some text, you may click to google these keywords.

__________________Visual Json______________________

-- This will be a separate page which shows the json content distributed over a map.
-- Assume that every json node is an individual patient with location info. This module will show different diseases with different colors. When you click over a point, you will be able to view more info about this patient.

__________________File Conversion & Download_________
-- We may get every json file converted to XML, XLS and CSV formats.
-- Converted files might be downloaded via link.

Progress Timeline

  • 12/11/14 Yeoman installation & Web Structure Created
  • 20/11/14 Basic Json View Implemented
  • 22/11/14 Web App installed on DHIS2 Group Server
  • 25/11/14 Clickable URLs and Google Search option implemented
  • 25/11/14 HTML/CSS style improvements
  • 30/11/14 Editable Nodes (?)
  • 02/12/14 XLS, CSV Downloadbles (?)

Screenshots and screen flows

Json-to-Html initial layout

NinjaTurtles v1.png


Ninja 1.jpg

Json-To-Html Beta Layout

Ninja 2.jpg

You can watch our intro video here.

Documented learning during project

How to scaffold a web app with Yeoman

AngularJS documentation for $http

On/Off Switch

Useful page to learn more about git commands - especially while working in a group:

For example, if you want to drop all your local changes and commits, fetch the latest history from the server and point your local master branch at it like this

git fetch origin

git reset --hard origin/master

Suggested improvements to APIs etc

Link to repository[1]

Download link to sample web app or Android app