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This Wiki is used for documenting the group projects by PHEM

Group Members

  • Alexander Premer
  • Henning G Koller
  • Emil F Østensen
  • Martin T Vasbotten


  • NaN

Link to repository

Tool for Quality Assurance.

Tool for Quality Assurance

The task is to develop an app for registering consistency between hard copies and database.

Doctors in the field often have a heavy workload and this can result in discrepancies between the various journals that are stored on the patients. Journals exists in both paperform and in a database. It's important that the database and the papers contains exactly the same information. Therefore a system is needed to easily check that the physical and digital copies are uniform.

Planned Features

The app will consist of two pages. On the first page you will be able to choose program and clinic. After selecting, you will be redirected to the main page. This is where you will fill out the quality-assurance form. The form is dynamically generated from the data elements connected to the application in DHIS. After filling the form and submitting, the form will reset and be ready for a new patient.

Summary of requirements


  • Create a web page with a user interface for registering the difference and equality in the artifacts.
  • The data registred is to be sent to backend.


  • Fetch the forms from a database and present it to frontend.
  • Store the data sent from frontend in a database.


We plan on using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and AngularJS to implement  a webpage. On the backend side we'll use javascript.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  1. AngularJS

Time schedule


1st November

Document features and architecture on Wiki

Show understanding of DHIS2 web apps

15th November

First bare-bone version - static HTML

Uploadable as DHIS2 web app

30th November

Finished, if applicable also with mobile app.

8th December
Final delivery

How you are dividing tasks within the group


  • Emil F Østensen
  • Alexander Premer


  • Henning G Koller
  • Martin T Vasbotten


  • We are nearly completed both pages and getting data from DHIS. We have also been able to deploy it as a DHIS webapp.
  • Startpage is finished. Programs and clinics are retrived from DHIS.
  • Formpage is building a correct table dynamically to the dataElements in the program.
  • Payload is building correctly from the table.
  • Formpage is more or less finished.
  • Both pages need some polishing.

Screenshots and screen flows

Screen Flow:


1. You start at the index page where you select a program and a clinic.

2. At the form you manually tick off the boxes that contain info in the different artifacts.

3. When pushing submit you are taken back to a clean form.

You can not go back to index-page from the form (without going back in the browser).
It's designed this way, because once you have selected the correct clinic, you will never want to switch in the current session.


The index page, where you select program and clinic, you can also search for clinics.


The flow-chart where you tick of boxes.

Documented learning during project

Suggested improvements to APIs

Download link to sample web app or Android app