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Team Raptor


We are going to create a web application for effectively presenting data on low resolution platforms (smartphones and tablets).

The main objective of the task is to implement a easy and intuitive solution for showing data. The following data sets must be shown:

  1. Trends
    Trends should show data from a self-chosen indicator group for the users current organisation unit. Every indicator in the chosen indicator group should be shown with its own graph. Data will be visualized with a classical path graph where the x axis is for a 12 month period and y axis is the data values.
  2. Comparison
    Comparison should show data from a self-chosen indicator and it's subgroups, comparing the organisation units children (Parent: Bombali, children: Biriwa Bombali Sebora, Gbanti Kameranka, etc). Data will be visualized with a bar graph where the x axis represents the different organisation units and the y axis its result from a quarterly period.
  3. Proportions
    Proportions compares a chosen indicator based on organisation unit types (Hospital, tree post clinic, mobile clinic, clinic). Data should be represented with a pie chart.


Bendik H. Kvamstad
Martin Holøs
Kristian S. Munkvold
Stian L. Petlund


Repository on Github

Visualization Web App



  • Touch-friendly data visualization interface
  • Should work well on tablet/phone
  • Show graphs, charts etc.
  • Deployed as DHIS2 web app (but specially designed for touch-based interfaces)
  • Leverage DHIS2 web api


Milestone 1 (1st November)

  • Document features and architecture on Wiki
  • Show understanding of DHIS2 web apps

Milestone 2 (15th November)

  • First bare-bone version - static HTML
  • Uploadable as DHIS2 web app

Milestone 3 (30th November)

  • Finished, if applicable also with mobile app.

Final delivery: 8th December, Presentation 9th December