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Project: Managing organization units

Project Description and requirements

Web application for DHIS2 for managing organization units.

A user should be able to:

  • View and filter org. units
  • Get detailed information about a org. unit
  • Search org. units
  • CRUD org. units
    • Add a new facility location by map click

Technologies and Frameworks

  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • AngularJS
  • DHIS2
  • Google Maps JavaScript API

List of group members

  1. Emil Døhlen Hansen (Emildh)
  2. Kristian Oddtrøen (Krisodd)
  3. Espen Hofsøy Stokkerud (espenhst) Dropped out



Milestone 1: 10th November

  • Document features and architecture on Wiki
  • Show understanding of DHIS2 web apps
  • Git repo

Milestone 2: 22th November

  • First bare-bone version - static HTML
  • Uploadable as DHIS2 web app

Milestone 3: 4th December

  • Finished

Milestone 4: 11th December

  • Final delivery

Milestone 5: Mid December

  • Presentation

Organizing the project (Tasks)

We decided to set up tasks A lot of the work was done collaboratively using pair programming, and the other tasks where split equally between us.

Documented learning during project

  • We have gained knowledge of how DHIS2 web API works and how to create apps in the DHIS2 enviroment.
  • How to build a web application integrated with Angular, and how to structure a app with communicating with a web api
  • Map interaction

Suggested improvements to APIs etc

Lat long coordinates are stored backwards in the database ([long,lat], instead of [lat,long]). We are not sure why, but it is not really a logical solution.

ImportConflicts from the server is in an unknown format (see under for example). Should probably be json? 

Validation Violation : { 

   property = 'email', message = 'Not a valid email.', value = asdf@ asdf.asdf


Git Repository

GitHub repo: GitHub

Download link to sample web app

GitHub master archive: Download