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Project: D

Project description:

Import events AND health facilities with coordinates linked to the organisational (orgunit) hierarchy using geography

We are using dhis2 data to do spatial analysis and displaying 2d vector graphics using turf.js

We are building the project with Angular 2.

Group members

  • Nikolai Sverdrup njsverdr
  • Lars Erik Storbukås lestorbu
  • Jonas Sandbekk jonsandb



  • Map features
    Fetch JSON-data from DHIS2 api (with authentication)
  • Display map with geographical points (area, heatmap, etc.)
  • Build a Triangulated irregular network
  • Link our Triangulated irregular network with Dhis2 data

Time schedule

  • Spatial analysis with dhis2 data - week 46
  • Other cool features and UI stuff . week 47

Weekly meetings:

Tuesday: 10:15 - 12:00

Wednesday: 10:15 - 14:00

Friday: 12:15 - 16:00

In addition we use Slack as a way of collaboration. We discuss milestones, task division, problem solving, etc.

Task division

Project master: Nikolai Sverdrup

Developer: Lars Erik Storbukås

Developer: Jonas Sandbekk

Jonas and Nikolai are doing most of the map and geospatial stuff and Lars Erik handles most of the DHIS2 data.


  • Spatial analysis of dhis 2 events with turf.js
  • Selectable event area with event value pop-up
  • Display of dhis2 organizational units
  • Selectable organizational units with name pop-up
  • Display of dhis2 districts. Level 2 and 3
  • Selectable districts with name pop-up
  • Different maps can be selected
  • A overlay of the earth's land surface temperature courtesy of NASA
  • Map zoom


Early prototypes

Link to repository