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List of group members

  • Raul Khaydarshin
  • Tor Husabø

Health Facility Registry: summary of requirements

App providing an interface to the health facilities in a country (e.g. the Sierra Leone or Trainingland demo databases). The add should make it possible to search and list organisation units and see these in a map, along with relevant details regarding each facility such as type, the district it belongs to etc. Some inspiration can be found in the Kenya Master Health Facility List. Place names with coordinates for the whole world can be found using MapZen

The user should be able to:

  • Search for an org. unit and get facility details, using live search
  • Filter your search based on levels
  • Present the information pertaining to the chosen facility in a drop-down menu beneath its name
  • Locate on map
  • Edit coordinates
  • Edit org. unit details
  • Add a new facility by clicking on the map


  • ECMAScript 6
  • React
  • HTML 5, CSS
  • Google Maps

Time schedule

We will use an agile approach to the project implementation.

Milestone 1: October 28

  • General understanding of the project task
  • Document main system services
  • Set up project (webapp-skeleton)

Milestone 2: November 4

  • Each group member implements one of the services
  • We evaluate the progress and plan next milestone
  • Tor: locateOnMap(orgUnitArray)
  • Elena: addAtLocation(coordinates)
  • Raul: Search field with level filter, result list

Milestone 3: November 11

Build App from different parts designed by each participant

Milestone 4: November 21

Adding Live Search functionality to App

Milestone 5: November 25

Exhaustive testing of App before final delivery

Final Delivery: December 1

Deliver fully functional App

Group Presentation: December 7-9

Dividing tasks within the group

Tor : Google Maps, CSS, project configuration, refactoring, misc.

Raul : DHIS2 API, search/listing/editing.

Screenshots and screen flows

SDS Screenshot start.png

Live search, and inputting data for a new facility

SDS Screenshot livesearch.png SDS Screenshot addnew.png]

Documented learning during project

We were trying to keep UI as simple as possible ,not using any dropout menu , only mouse click which works mostly . Literature used : Understanding ECMAScript 6 / ReactJS by Example - Building Modern Web Applications with React .Vipul A. M. , Prathamesh S. / as well as link to :

Suggested improvements

  • Clearing search window when out of searching mode.
  • Adding DEL button, which will at least delete org.units added by user, preferable to have possibility to delete any org.unit at lowest level.
  • Adding functionality of creating of new districts as well as deleting them.

Link to repository

Demo of app