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LMIS Light


Group members

  • Marius Lørstad Solvang (
  • Tan Hoang Duy Tran (
  • Steffen Sand (
  • Lars-Erik Holte (

LMIS Light Web Apps

  • App for user to order commodity and manage user's commodity orders (see status, list of orders).
  • App for admin to manage user's orders.


Admin's functions

  • Management of users' orders: List of all users' orders, view detail of order, set order status (accept or decline).
  • Notifying when having request (messaging system).
Use Case Diagram.png

User's functions

  • Make an order of commodity supply.
  • View order's status

Design Document

Sequence Diagram

 Submit an Order 

Sequence Diagram.png

 Process an Order 

Sequence Diagram - Process an order.png

User Interface Design

Database Design


  • Angular 2.0
  • JavaScript (jQuery)
  • HTML 5
  • Bootstrap

Time schedule

08th November

  • User's Requirements
  • Understanding about DHIS2 web apps:
    • Apps are extension of DHIS' user interface, apps access core api via Web API (cannot access Java Core API).
    • An web app has a manifest.webapp in the root folder of the app project describing about the app.
    • App can be installed and uploaded into App Manager.

15th November

  • First bare-bone version
  • We completed basic user interface for user and admin (Two apps) - We may redesign into one app if neccessary.

22th November

  • Basic version (basic functions as described in user's requirements, unit testing)

29th November

  • Final version (functions as described in user's requirements, function testing)
  • An android version for user

4th December

  • Design documents and user documents on wiki