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Project C - Messaging and integration with Facebook/Twitter

Sharing favorites on Facebook / Twitter, and using fb / twitter api to post DHIS 2 Charts. Add support for sharing favorites of pivot tables, charts and maps to Facebook. Also Support for 1) adding attachments and 2) embedding images in DHIS2 messages and . Useful for example to attach screenshots when supporting users. This should use the new Web API for file uploads and storage.

Group members

  • Uy Q Nguyen (
  • Torgeir Tynes (
  • Kenneth Ngo (

Summary of requirements

  • Share charts/maps/pivot table to Facebook/Twitter
  • Adding attachments and embedding images in DHIS2 messages
  • Organize favorites by using APIs


Our approach to implementing the required features is to extend the core messaging function to handle attachments/embedded images, while extending the native dashboard app to support sharing to Facebook / Twitter, and also support sorting the entries by favourites.

Currently planned features:

  • Extend native dashboard to:
    • Support sharing of tables/map/chart to Facebook [Implemented]
    • Sort tables/maps/charts by favourites [Implemented]
  • Extend native message app to:
    • Support sending embedded pictures [Implemented]
    • Support adding attachments to messages [Implemented]

Reason of approach:

The original plan was to develop a webapp with its own interface that the user can access through the DHIS app selection. This plan was however quickly scratched due to the fact that we already have access to the best and organised interface an user can have access to, namely the DHIS dashboard. Why create a webapp that the user has to open to share pivots/maps/charts, when we can minimize the required steps to do so by allowing the user to do it instantly in the dashboard?

We also thought about developing a webapp that allows the users to send embedded pictures/attachments to each other, but this means that there'd be two separate apps (the native + webapp), so instead we just extended the native message app to support this. Having 2 different message apps would be too clunky.


Milestone 1: October 14

  • Create wikipage
  • Pick a project

Milestone 2: October 23

  • Set up DHIS2 server
  • Set up postgresql database
  • Added demodata to server

Milestone 3: November 10

  • Added share Facebook/Twitter functionality

Milestone 4: November 19

  • Added "Organize favorites charts/maps/pivottable" button

Milestone 5: November 24

  • Implemented embedded picture button on message app

Project start

14. October 2016

How you are dividing tasks within the group

Most of the tasks are done together, but the implementation methods and research on API is done individually before group meetings.

  • Uy Nguyen -> Embed pictures / Attachments
  • Torgeir Tynes -> Share graph/map/table to Twitter / Facebook through the public API
  • Kenneth Ngo -> Favorite sorting

Screenshots and screen flows

Documented learning during project

Suggested improvements to APIs etc

Link to repository

The github repository is set to private.

Reviewers have to ask for access on github.