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The project

We wanted to give users the ability to easily take screenshots of their current view in DHIS, and allow them to browse their screenshots in a Gallery.

Adding support for this feature should be easy for a DHIS2-app developer..

What have we made? 

We made three things: a photo-gallery, and a test-page with a "take screenshot" button, and a spring-service to store screenshots to server.

Our test-app to capture screenshots is a single page with some test-data and a button. The button is the main-event here, as it is the only thing other DHIS2 apps will need to implement in order to use the screenshot feature.

The button will open a modal where the user can enter a title and a description for the screenshot. Then the screenshot will be sent to our backend-service along with the current users username(fetched from '/api/me'), the meta-data entered by user, and the current site-url.

The photo gallery will load all images that are taken by the current user, and present them in a responsive grid with a search-filter. Clicking an image will open the image in a larger modal.

The backend-service recieves the image as a base64 encoded png-image (output from html5 canvas.toDataUrl()) and decodes and stores this to disk.

What other features would we add with more time?

  • Give users the ability to share images with each other.
    • Should also be possible to mark images as "public" so anyone can see them..
    • The gallery should then show all images a user has access to, and have an additional filter "show only my/shared/public images"
    • Create an additional database-table to link images with the users they have been shared with.
  • Allow editing description and title from the gallery
  • Add a sort-field in the gallery, to sort on date
  • Add the ability to create a "public-link" for a given image, so it could be sent as an email-attachment or similar..
  • Fix the user-interface styles, so they match the DHIS2-theme (not just pure bootstrap)...

Screenshots and screen flows

Add a description to a screenshot


Feedback to user when a screenshot is saved


Screenshot gallery


Search field in gallery


Click an image to see larger version


And, naturally, its responsive



  • Javascript
  • AngularJS
  • HTML5
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Maven
  • DHIS 2 Web API
  • Bootstrap 3


  • Mats Astrup Schjølberg
  • Vegard Angell
  • Hodo Elmi Aden

The Repository