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Group members

  • Marius Andresen
  • Zufarzhan Ismanov
  • Ilia Ni

Basic requirements (features)

  • Convenient way to access and modify the values in the DHIS2 Data Store
  • Provide user friendly graphic interface
  • Comfortable navigation within the application
  • Visualize statistics (?)

Time schedule

  • 11th October, preliminary discussion
  • 25th October, basic workflow discussion, git repository initialized
  • 27th October, finalizing application design, 1st milestone delivery
  • In progress

Tasks assignments

  • Ilia Ni - setting up project, tools, managing application components
  • Marius Andresen - development of application components
  • Zufarzhan Ismanov - development of application components

Application architecture

  • Core - fetches all the dependencies and components
  • Router - handles URI and loads corresponding component
  • Page component - "controller" for specific page, loads all sub components
  • Sub components or reusable components - fetch, display and manipulate data from API/source

Screenshots and screen flows

Home page


Statistics page


Documented learning during project

In progress

Suggested improvements to APIs etc

In progress

In progress