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Group members

  • Joshua Webjørnsen
  • Erik Winge

Summary of requirements

Health Facility Registry

App for navigating and organizing, and providing an interface to the health facilities in a country (e.g. the Sierra Leone or Trainingland demo databases) including:

  • Displaying health facility units in a map
  • Searching for/listing units at different organizational levels
    • Search by code
    • Search by facility / organisation name
    • Search by county
  • Filtering search results by level
  • Displaying details about each unit (type, district etc.) in a dropdown menu beneath its name
  • Edit existing units
    • Editing organizational unit details
    • Editing organizational units coordinates
  • Register units manually (Like filling a form)
    • Adding new unit by clicking on a map

Time schedule

Task division

Screenshots and screen flows


Suggested improvements to APIs etc

We would sometimes get 500 - internal server errors when uploading .json data to the organisationUnit URL. For example when using an invalid opening date or parent element. The organisation unit import could be more robust.

Link to repository

Repository is private.

Download link to sample web app