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The app has the options to select three different graphs: Trends, Comparisons and Proportions.

All the graphs are catched, so if you go to different page and come back to the earlier page, you will be able see to the graphs displayed earlier immediately without having to select the option once more. We have displayed graph for each option instead of displaying all the graphs to save bandwidth.

We also have a settings page, where the user can select different data period that they want to check graphs for using swipe for mobile and arrow for desktop pc.


Swipe alternative in pc



The first graph is 'Trends'. It shows graph with selected data elements. 

If you scroll below, you can see the footer information in the graph that displays important information.


Currently the graph is showing data elements for 3 months. You can change the input duration in the settings menu and thus by swiping the mobile anywhere in the screen or by clicking the arrows you can see the graph for different duration. This can be very help ful for the users to see improvement by comparing with different time intervals. You can see the graph with the same data elements for 12 months below:

Graph1 3.gif


The second graph is the comparison. It is used to compare value for indicator elements within the organization unit children for different time intervals.

Graph2 1.gif

Portrait mode for different time intervals

Graph2 2.gif

Landscape mode


The third and final graph is the pie chart. In this graph, you can select the data elements and select category. After that, pie chart is drawn with all the categories.

Graph3 1.gif

You can also take out some of the filter than the image becomes as:

Graph3 2.gif

In the same graph, if you hover over the index, you can see the values as well:

Graph3 3.gif

The hovering feature is present in all the graphs.