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Emil Lie Hatlelid

Educational Background

August 2011 - December 2014: Bachelor in Informatics: Design, Use, Interaction from UiO
August 2014 - Sometime 2016: Masters in Informatics: Design, Use, Interaction from UiO

I participated in the class "INF5272 Information Architecture and Content Management" in the spring semester 2015. In the class we learned about copyrights from the perspective of administrators on a webpage.
I have volunteered in several smaller projects through sonen ("Open Zone for Experimental Informatics") where we used GitHub for version control.
I am also signed up for the class "INF5780 Open source, open collaboration and innovation" in this semester.

Technical Skills

Proficient in a few programming languages that vary in type and function. Apart from learning OO-programming, functional programming and script programming through my bachelors; I also delved into web development in my free time and picked up HTML and a little Javascript (mainly AngularJS).


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