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Group members

- Vegard Fjogstad (vegardfj)
- Seline Tomt (selinet)
- Håvard Norén (haavakno)
- Mari Hugaas (marishu)

Goal and functionalities

Our goal is to make an intuitive and touch-friendly app that is as simple as possible by giving few options for the user.
- User should be able to view line chart for a chosen indicator
- A bar chart for a chosen indicator
- Pie chart showing org unit group set (NOT IMPLEMENTED)


- Bootstrap
- JQuery
- ChartJS from devexpress
- Bazaar and Launchpad


Our code can be found at


Weekly meetings to decide what's next, who and how.


Mobile application visualizer - DHIS2 App.png
The app can be tried at under Services -> Data visualizer - visualization-1-testing