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Welcome to my personal Wiki page!


Topic This week
Master's thesis Continue reading and writing about Neural Network Language Models, and transition based parsing.
INF4580 Nothing.
MNKOM4000 Gather background material for my next article.


Master Thesis

I am writing a master thesis on improving semantic parsers using word clusters and embeddings as features. The title of my project is Semantic word clustering for statistical parsing. My supervisers are Lilja Øvrelid and Erik Velldal.


I finished my BSc in Informatics: Programming and networks at UiO in June 2015. I am currently an MSc student on the programme Informatics: Technical and scientific applications. After taking courses on machine learning (INF3490) and search technology (INF3800) I became interested in ML and artificial intelligence. During the first semester of my master's, I followed the courses on AI and natural language processing (INF4820 and INF5830), which lead me to apply for a master's project at the LTG group.


Apart from being a student, I also work as a group teacher. I have given lectures and held seminars in the beginner's courses on object-oriented programming (INF1000 and INF1010) for the last three years.

Code from my classes can be found at GitHub (various repositories). During spring 2015, I gave plenary lectures in INF1010 together with Andreas Færøvig Olsen. Screencasts from my lectures can be found on YouTube.