Demonstration: extraction of 99mTc from a isotope generator

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How often can the generator be extracted of 99mTc?...................................
How do you get the activity out of the generator? Draw a sketch:

The supervisor will extract some 99mTc solute and transfer 20 mL of a solute that contains 0.1 MM HNO3 and 0.05 M KBrO3 for each group. The amount of 99mTc received is too small to impose any health risk, but still use extreme caution.

Always transport radioactive solutions in a container where the inside is covered with absorbing paper, ideally a lid should be used as well. Remember to keep contaminated equipment separated from the all the other equipment. Work and storage of radioactive solutions shall always be done with absorbing paper beneath. Use gloves, glasses and lab-coat.

Put your solution of 99mTc in a steady frame inside of your fume hood. It will be used in exercise Measurement of 99mTc gamma-spectrum and Yield of Tc in Liquid-Liquid Extraction.