Optional Topic 5 (for MSc degree)

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Chemistry of radionuclides in geosphere related to final disposal of spent nuclear fuel or high-level waste


  • management of spent nuclear fuel (SNF)
  • reprocessing of nuclear fuel, production of high-level waste (HLW)
  • encapsulation of SNF/HLW
  • geological disposal of SNF/HLW
  • dissolution/leaching of radionuclides from SNF/HLW - forms of radionuclides in SNF/HLW
  • forms of dissolved radionuclides in the repository environment
  • analytical methods for radionuclide speciation
  • functions and long-term behaviour of buffer materials (e.g. bentonite)
  • migration of radionuclides in geosphere
  • sorption of radionuclides in minerals
  • diffusion of radionuclides into geological matrix