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Sept. 25, 'tee'

  • Advanced unix command-line tip: if you want to save the output of a command to a file instead of sending it to the screen, but still want to follow the output, you can

1) open another terminal window,`cd` to the folder, type

tail -f outfile.txt

(use ctrl-C to cancel)

2) pipe through `tee`, which sends output to the screen and a file:

command infile.txt -parameter 1 -parameter2 |tee output.txt

Sept. 24, Practicals online, IPython

Sept. 20, Evaluation

  • We sent around an evaluation form for the first week (up until Thursday). Please fill out!

Sept. 18, VM use, screen

  • The page describing the use of the VM from the course room, as well as from home/work is updated, please have a look.
  • See this tip on running commands that take a long time with `screen`

Sept. 17, explainshell

Sept. 16: Welcome, wiki, messages


  • This page can be reached by going to
  • the course wiki is at here.
  • If you do not have a htsXX number, or forgotten which one you used during the unix pre-course, ask the teachers
  • loggin into the VM on linux: in a terminal, type 
xfreerdp -k no
  • On the VM, have a look at the /doc folder, it will have the presentation PDF's. Some of them are already uploaded before the actual time of presenting so you can follow along
  • SAM flags:
  • if /data doesnt work, try /site/infbio9120/data. Same for /doc, use  /site/infbio9120/doc

Sept. 13th: room

First course day is in Room Cobol at Informatics, see here.

See you on Monday, September 16th at 9:00!