Eirik's comments to Höjer's table

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The table should be read so that the first number refers to the assembly's draft, the second (first in the brackets) refers to the original constitution adopted at May 17, and the third (second in the brackets) refers to the revised constititution of November 4.

As for the abbreviations: R.F. is the Swedish constitution of 1809, Fr. 1791 is the French of 1791, Bat. 1798 is the Batavian of 1798, Engl. konst. is the English constitution, U.S. is the US constitution of 1787, Fr. 1795 is the French of 1795, Sp. 1812 is the Spanish of 1812 and Pol 1791 is the Polish of 1791. The other abbreviations refers to Norwegian private drafts to the constitution, while K.L. refers to the Lex Regia of 1665, which was the constitution for Denmark-Norway until 1814 and during absolutism.

This table provides you with a point of departure for the constitution's foreign sources. This table does not however take into account that the most important source, the draft of Alder and Falsen (listed as A.F.) did borrow from foreign constitutions as well, and thus the list of foreign sources may be longer than what is listed in this table.