20210330 meeting

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Meetings notes 30.03.2021 (Written by Jan M.)


- To trap cells we can use many smaller, singular traps, or we could cluster cells together using droplet generation, and then use a big trap instead.

- Designs have to take into account that the smallest resolution of our photolithography is about 20 microns.

- We can dissolve nutrition into the fluid itself so we don't have to diffuse gasses into the cell chambers as part of the design

- We can make fewer "serpentines" when making a diffusion gradient by making use of a special type of design. "Altered tree shape". Then there's less risk of blockage in the channels.

- We can use gradient generators to do drug-testing

- Try not to multiply inlets. Outlets is more fine.

Next meeting: (Tuesday 6. April 16.00)

- More designs. Start finalising designs. Make sure dimensions are correct.