20210510 microfluidics

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Today Anniken and Jan passaged cells. P-23. We had a bit of trouble since we completely ran out of 25mL and 10mL pipettes, but we got there in the end. We passaged one of the flasks into a new flask for the microfluidic tests and put them into the incubator. The other was used to create two new flasks.

Later, the whole team got together to finally create some microfluidic devices by cutting out the PDMS from the wafer and molding it onto a glass wafer. We cut out Anniken's and Vilde's gradient designs to test them out.

For the plasma cleaner we used 20% and T = 10 (approx. 30 sec.) and oxygen at 5 au.

Unfortunately both devices were lated discovered to have way too much dirt everywhere, possibly since the plasma cleaner itself is too dirty. Either way, we managed to create a stable flow in Anniken's device by having clear water flow through one of the inlets, and a deep blue liquid flow in the other. There was an air pocket below one of the inlets which changed the flow somewhat, but didn't impact the testing of the gradient generator. We also tried to create a stable flow in Vilde's design, but despite increasing the pressure inside up to 700 mbar, the flow rate was incredibly slow. There were a lot of bubbles inside all the chambers which we tried to push out.